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As always, your animations are disturbing to look at, but in a very good way!

I like that you put some form of realism as well to your animations but you push that realism to surrealism.

Zuko's face would look like a burnt sausage, but the fact is that you push it to the extreme - Jimmy would have a big brain but you bring on the logical fact that Jimmy would have constant headaches and a pulsing aching head.

You know that and you go beyond that; it's one of the reasons why I really love your toons. I can't wait for more, man.

I personally think that all the voice actors here are really good and they know their craft, but the male VA needs to sound more... exhausted?

Great voice acting overall though and the animation as usual is topnotch, great scene Diives!

Its an early birthday present, thank you for this...

aalong64 responds:

happy early birthday!

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This is stellar content, I'd love to listen to the each of these on Loop while I'm playing a high action game like Brawlhalla or something.

Can't wait to try out your game as well, this is why I love Newgrounds, so much talent gathered in one place all doing many different fun little things...

NE-O-N responds:

Really appreciate it man!

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Ah man, this is just great. If this didn't win I'm sure it would've at least won second or third place, this really captures the overall feel of the show and the movie.

Also, anyone who hasn't watched the movie... please do.

Yet another awesome piece and comes packaged with a bit of lore as well? Perfect.

@WatchRyder I mean, it's clear that there's a story behind all the art that he makes, if you really expected just a few sentences from an grotesque being like this then I really don't know what to tell ya.

I don't even know man, you could've just completely ignored the description and just faved the art but whatever... I don't even know.

Reply #2: @WatchRyder
That's a matter of taste; some people like to read long lore. I'm one of them. Even then, this barely qualifies as a word-salad talk less of an essay.

Also, it's lore... its a story. The picture clearly has a story. You saw nothing from the words but the text gives context to the picture and why there's a mutated abomination with a spear embedded into it.

You could've just ignored the blurb if it was too long for ya.

Always nice to see your work.

@SirLama456 I'm not sure if you've been on this site for long but this is a safe haven for artists to express themselves however way they want. This is home of waaaaayyyyy edgier and crude stuff.

If you can't seem to understand that, then tough shit. Tell the author what you dislike about it instead of your blatant spammy and useless comment.

I'm a Digital Artist, Novice 3D Modeller and Graphic Designer ready and capable to make all kinds of art! Sketches, 3D Models, UI or Logos and Illustrations... I do them all.

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